Hannah Gibbons K-8 | Cleveland, OH
TYPE: Educational/New SIZE: 53,650 sq. ft.
COST: $4,360,416 COMPLETED: 2006

Cold Harbor Building Company promises to provide the best level of service and accountability, regardless of the type of work or size of the contract. Our team is committed to providing detailed cost control reports and successful project management from pre-construction to building occupancy. Our dedication to our customers is reflected in our management style. One of the first project documents clients receive from Cold Harbor is our company directory. The owner, vice president, project managers, and field superintendents at Cold Harbor are available 24-7 if needed.

Project Documentation

In addition to the standard project end documentation, our finished projects report concludes with detailed summary files that include copies of the contract, scope of work, change orders, subcontractors and their scope of work, a list of contacts, warranties, photographs, and all other pertinent information relative to the project. Copies of the summary are delivered to the owner, and a duplicate file is kept in-house for reference. This summary helps facilitate finding answers and responsible parties should any future needs or questions arise.