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Aurora Central WWTP Sludge Digestion and Solids Handling Improvements

City: Aurora, OH

Type: Industrial | WWTP | General Contracting

Size: N/A

Cost: $8,580,000

Scope: Construction of one precast aerobic digester and associated piping, grating and valuing; construction of new blower pad and low-pressure air piping to new aeration tanks.

NEORSD: Southerly Misc. Disinfection and Solids Handling Improvements

City: Cuyahoga Heights, OH

Type: Industrial | WWTP | Design-Build

Size: N/A

Cost: $5,402,450

Scope: Design-build contract for 15 subprojects at the Southerly WWTP. Subprojects upgraded the existing plants chemical storage facility, gravity thickener facility and sludge storage tank facility.

North Royalton Blower and Control Buildings

City: North Royalton, OH, OH

Type: Industrial | WWTP | General Contracting

Size: N/A

Cost: $6,044,940

Scope: Structural, architectural, HVAC, plumbing and electrical rehabilitation of the existing administration, control, and operation buildings at the North Royalton WWTP A. Work included replacement of multistage centrifugal and positive displacement blowers, installation of stainless-steel air headers, new ferric chloride tank and pumps, new main electrical distribution for entire plant.

Cuyahoga County Old Juvenile Court Complex and Security Hardening

City: Cleveland, OH

Type: Institutional | General Contracting

Cost: $5,310,000

Scope: Selective removal of items of architectural significance prior to debris removal, hazardous material abatement and proper disposal, new electrical service to facility, permanent closure of select exterior doors and roof repairs.

Fairmount Pump Station Pump Control Valves

City: Cleveland, OH

Type: Industrial | Civic

Size: n/a

Cost: $1,617,000

Scope: Replacement of pump control valves and controls for the Department of Water.

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